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In order to buy our Online Qigong Study programs or Audio Attunements, please register to become a member and buy a Token in advance, as payment of any items you order will be paid with your Token .

To become a member, please follow Steps 1, 2 & 3 to complete the registration , at the same time, select the Token you want to buy, and then using the Paypal to pay for the price of the Token you have selected.
On receiving your payment we will activate the password of your account within 1-3 working days.
Paypal is an international online payment service, please click on Paypal herein to enter its website and send the money. As there are scam websites out there, please ensure you enter the authentic Paypal’s website at :
and, if you come across Chinese language, please click on the flag on the right top to get the English version of Paypal.

Please send your payment to the following account:

Account No : noop3912@yahoo.com.tw
Name of account : SHIH, CHUNG-JUNG

Upon you have completed the payment process, please email this website at:


to inform us of the following:
(1) Your full name, and name of account (your user name) you have entered at the time of registration.
(2) the name of remitter (sender), date of payment, amount of payment, Receipt Number of transaction, & the items of order, to enable us to check it.

Please enter your valid email address, so that the website can keep you inform of you status.

Upon completion of the payment   process please email to inform us at:    noop3912@gmail.com
If you have any other queries please email us at: