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The main purpose of practicing qigong is to expel the negative energies while enhancing good energies in the body. When more good energies has accumulated, it will undertake to clear up blockages in the meridian system of the body, as a result, the body would become more healthy.
If you practice qigong diligently, and meanwhile you also have qigong attunement sessions by the master regularly, you would obtain an increased and more speedy results.
For the use of the Audio Attunement, please note that
(1)   For the order of each one item of attunement, you will be charged 1 point from your token account.
When the playing time is over, (the Master will say “OK” to signify the ending) however, the energies he has
called in will continue working on you for 1 hour, as such, do not repeat an item within 1 hour.
(2)   You can order to cart as many items of attunements as you require, and get all items of attunements at one sitting.
(3)  If you want to repeat an item of attunement, do so after the elapse of 1 hour.
To access the Audio Attunement, please follow either one of the following Steps.
Step 1 – Click on the bar “Audio Attunement” at the top of the page, you will  enter [Index > Audio Attunement] , now,
1) enter your User Name and Password to log in, and then,
2) click on “Pay audio” button at the bottom of the left column, you will find the “Order to cart” page, and then,
3) Click on “Order to cart” button to select the item you want , and then Click on [check out], in the next page, the point(s) deducted will be shown, and you will see the [Play] caption,

 4)  Under the [Play] column, click on the earphone symbol to  hear the attunement of your selection.
 5)  In case you do not want to disturb others, you may use an  earphone set.
 6)  You can always adjust the volume and quality of sound in your  computer set. or, alternatively, you can follow the procedure of Step 2.
Step 2 – from [Index] page,
1) Enter your User name and Password to log in, and thenˇA
2) Click on any item under the caption [Audio Attunement’ news] in this page and you will have the [Order to cart] page, next,
3) Click on “Order to cart” button to select the items you want to play, and in the next page, click on “checkout” button at the right bottom, you will find the point(s) deducted, and the“Play” caption.
4) Under the [Play] column, click on the earphone symbol to hear the attunement of your selection.
5)  In case you do not want to disturb others, you may use an earphone set.
6)  You can always adjust the volume and quality of sound in your  computer set.



Upon completion of the payment   process please email to inform us at:    noop3912@gmail.com
If you have any other queries please email us at:


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By Master Shih , 2010-03-29